Signatur Antoine Feill
A Legacy Since 1846

FPS - a Law Firm with History

Providing Legal Counsel for Over 175 Years

We reflect proudly on our historical origins, as they serve as the foundation for the contemporary ethos of our law firm. This ethos seamlessly blends a rich tradition with a commitment to progress and a forward-looking perspective.

FPS on course for growth

In January 2024, FPS will open a new office in Munich. As part of the company’s growth strategy, this fifth branch will join the locations in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Berlin. 

Logo 2023

FPS is breaking new ground with its revamped branding. The updated, bold and independent image, tailored for digital media, positions FPS as a forward-thinking company and a trailblazer in the industry. 

FPS Logo 2013
FPS Fritze Wicke Seelig Partnerschaftsgesellschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB

The partnership underwent a legal structure change, resulting in the establishment of the name FPS Fritze Wicke Seelig Partnerschaftsgesellschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB. Furthermore, the firm underwent a brand relaunch, encompassing a new image and value proposition. FPS. Your law firm. Your partner. 

FPS Logo 2002


FPS Fritze Wicke Seelig

Expansion of the Berlin branch through the merger with part of the Berlin office of the law firm Schwarz Kelwing Wicke Westpfahl. 

FPS Logo 2002 - B

Ende 2002

FPS Fritze Paul Seelig

Merger of FPS Fritze Paul Schmitt with the Hamburg office and parts of the Munich office of Seelig, Preu & Bohlig to form the law firm FPS Fritze Paul Seelig with branches in Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Erfurt. 

Opening of the Düsseldorf office in 2004 with the arrival of Reszel Meierrose Burghardt-Richter Nacke. 

FPS Logo 2002 - A


FPS Fritze Paul Schmitt

Merger of the association of law firms of Fritze, Weigel, Bornemann, Arnold & Kelm and Knauthe, Paul & Schmitt at the Frankfurt office. 


Seelig & Preu, Bohlig 

Merger of the law firms Seelig Ehlers Ziehm Richter and Preu, Bohlig & Partner into a supra-regional law firm with offices in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden. 


Knauthe, Paul & Schmitt

Merger of the association of the Frankfurt law firm Paul, Paul & Schmitt with the Berlin law firm Knauthe. 


Fritze Weigel Bornemann 
Arnold & Kelm

Founded by Dr Ulrich Fritze, Theodor Weigel, Klaus Bornemann, Karl-Heinz Arnold and Dr Brigitte Kelm. 

Historische Schreibmaschine aus Kanzleibesitz
Paul, Paul & Schmitt

Founded by the former Minister-President of Thuringia, Prof. Rudolf Paul, and Dr Albert Paul. 

Historisches Siegel der Kanzlei
Dr. Ernst Moritz Heertz

The foundation stone for the law firm Fritze, Weigel, Bornemann, Arnold & Kelm was laid by Dr Ernst Moritz Heertz, a member of the Judicial Council. His son, Dr Heinrich Heertz, and Dr Christian Werner founded the law firm Heertz Werner, which Dr Ulrich Fritze joined in 1955. In the years that followed, Theodor Weigel, Klaus Bornemann, Karl-Heinz Arnold and Dr Brigitte Kelm followed suit and founded the long-lasting law firm Fritze, Weigel, Bornemann, Arnold & Kelm in 1973. 

Dr. Gert Seelig

Dr. Geert Seelig

Dr. Paul Ehlers

Dr. Paul Ehlers

Dr. Geert Seelig (Sohn)

Dr. Geert Seelig (Sohn)

Antoine Feill
Founder: Dr Antoine-Feill

The firm’s roots date back to 1846, when Dr Heinrich Frans Angelo Antoine-Feill, son of a French citizen, opened his law office in Hamburg. In 1902, Dr Geert Seelig joined as a partner, and was later succeeded by his son Dr Geert Seelig Jr and his grandson Dr Geert Wolfgang Seelig as named partners of the law firm Seelig Ehlers Ziehm Richter & Partner.