Regardless of whether it is a large international corporation, a local craft business, a new start-up or VC, we advise and support our clients in all corporate law matters – be it company foundation, the appointment of a managing director, participation in companies or a complex restructuring, even outside Germany. Our clients value our pragmatism and efficiency in dealing with all questions and topics relating to their company, with a focus on the best possible implementation of economic objectives at all times.

In the world of business, legal matters are often complex and demanding. Our notaries are familiar with the legal challenges that companies may face and have the knowledge and experience to provide clients with the best legal advice.

When it comes to selling or buying a company, a shareholding, or restructuring in difficult times, speed and precision are often decisive. A good notary recognises the specific needs of such transactions and ensures that they are successfully implemented as quickly as possible. The expertise and experience of our notaries help to minimise legal risks, maximise opportunities and allow our clients to focus on what matters most: running their business successfully


  • Corporate housekeeping

    As a point of contact for entrepreneurs and their advisors, we assist companies in all phases from foundation to liquidation or the sale of companies or shareholdings. We also provide experienced and efficient support for daily business such as shareholders’ and general meetings, company agreements (including profit transfer and control agreements), pool agreements or national and cross-border conversions, as well as handling all commercial register matters that relate to registry courts, such as the appointment of managing directors or authorised signatories and amendments to the articles of association.

  • eGBR – registered company under civil law

    In view of the scheduled possibility/obligation to register companies under civil law (GbR) participating in legal transactions as of 1 January 2024 – e.g. GbR corporate entities holding or acquiring real estate – it is highly advisable to have them included in the corresponding company register. Our notaries are happy to assist our clients with the relevant register applications and to provide notarial advice on all related questions.

  • Financing

    We support financing from the first seed start-up investment to private equity participation agreements in internationally established companies. We are familiar with all legally customary forms of financing in this context and bring economic know-how to the table in order to moderate the notarial needs of the parties.

  • Company founding

    We see ourselves as an agile sparring partner for company founders when it comes to choosing the right legal form: to this end, we design the optimal package for the incorporation documentation and support our clients right through to the entry in the commercial register. To ensure that everything runs efficiently, we have a strong and experienced team in the back office that helps clients get started with their business activities as quickly as possible and in a legally compliant manner.

  • Joint ventures / shareholder agreements

    An experienced notary is crucial when it comes to notarising a joint venture or shareholders’ agreement. This important document lays the foundation for a successful business partnership between two or more companies and requires the utmost care and professionalism in its preparation and notarisation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of the legal specifics of such fundamental corporate agreements. 

  • Company acquisitions

    A company acquisition, also referred to as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), is a complex process in which an investor or company purchases or merges with another company. Company acquisitions in Germany often require notarial certification.

    An experienced notary is a crucial partner in a company acquisition, making the entire process smooth and efficient. Speed and precision are of the utmost importance, in particular shortly before the documentation is signed. 

    Due to our many years of experience, we are a valued partner for entrepreneurs, investors and lawyers alike when it comes to a smooth notarisation process for company acquisition agreements.

  • Corporate succession

    Company succession needs to be well thought out and carefully planned. The notary plays an extremely important role in ensuring that this transition process is smooth, legally sound and in the best interests of all parties involved.

    We are happy to support our clients in developing careful succession planning. The notary is responsible for drawing up the necessary contracts and documents that govern the transition. These must be precise and legally sound in order to avoid possible disputes in the future.

    Company succession can have significant tax implications. We work together in a trustful manner with tax advisors in order to develop optimal tax strategies for our clients and to minimise the financial burden for all parties. Together with our clients, we ensure that succession agreements are fair and balanced.

Explanatory video: Start-up with a notary

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