Our professional and management liability practice group has many years of wide-ranging experience in representing people in the liberal professions (lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, auditors and insolvency administrators) and managers (managing directors as well as executive and supervisory board members) in and out of court against their claimants. 

Equally wide-ranging is our experience in advising insurance companies in matters relating to claims settlement and cover. 

We are regularly instructed by insurance companies to assist them in large-volume liability cases as their monitoring counsel.

The practice group’s expertise also covers dispute resolution and arbitration proceedings and extends to the financial services sector.

By closely cooperating with FPS experts from other legal areas and using legal tech and legal project management, we give our clients comprehensive and efficient support and guidance.


  • Lawyer and notary liability

    One particular area of our work focuses on defending claims against lawyers and notaries.
    Having represented lawyers and notaries in recourse cases for many years, our experts have extensive knowledge of the range of duties along with the particular aspects of liability law and the relevant case law. The best possible defence strategy can thus be built and employed on this basis.

  • Insolvency administrator liability

    Our experts also represent insolvency administrators in liability cases. This is carried out on the recommendation of market-leading insurance companies in the field. In doing so, the experts draw on extensive knowledge of insolvency law and the relevant case law.

  • Tax consultant liability

    Defending liability claims asserted against tax consultants and tax consultancy firms is another key area of our work. In complex liability and cover cases and claims for major damages, insurance companies alternatively entrust us with the role of monitoring and coverage counsel. Our experts then combine their experience in the field of civil liability law with in-depth knowledge of tax law to represent the client in the best possible manner.

  • Auditor liability

    Our experts have particular knowledge in the field of auditor liability, which has been acquired over many years. Auditors are represented in all liability matters relating to the auditing and consulting business.

    There is a special focus on expertise in the area of annual auditor liability as well as liability in connection with reorganisation advice (including reorganisation reports pursuant to IDW S 6). In such claim situations – which often play out in the context of corporate insolvencies – our experts possess the necessary qualifications due to their existing expertise in the field of insolvency law in particular.

  • Management liability (D&O)

    The area of D&O liability is subject to constant change due to increasing regulation and the continuing development of business activities. For some time now, our experts have been representing executive bodies (managing directors as well as executive and supervisory board members) and market-leading D&O insurers in management liability cases.

  • E&O insurance

    In recent years, companies have increasingly made the move towards seeking insurance cover for possible damages suffered by their customers due to errors made in connection with the provision of services.
    In this new field of business – compared to traditional professional liability– our experts benefit from their decades of expertise in representing professionals.


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