Desirée Jochem
‘Our team is all about interdisciplinary cooperation.’ 

An interview with Désirée Jochem, Business Services & Solutions team 

Désirée Jochem is an HR Specialist for Training and E-Learning at FPS. In this interview, she talks about her work as an educator in the law firm and provides an insight into the team culture.

How long have you been with FPS and how did you join the firm? 
After completing my studies in education, I was looking for a suitable place to start my career and came across the job vacancy at FPS. The combination of personnel development and e-learning immediately appealed to me. After a very positive and friendly interview and chance to get to know the team (over a coffee and cinnamon rolls), I was glad to join the Business Services & Solutions team in November 2021.

What tasks are you entrusted with at FPS? 
I am responsible for various topics related to strategic personnel development. This includes each element of our training for all employees, from the conception to the implementation, further development and management of our ‘Compass’ e-learning platform and the drafting, planning and evaluation of employee appraisals.

Describe a typical working day as an educator at FPS.
My working days vary a great deal depending on the current projects or internal requests. I regularly organise workshops and remain in close contact with internal and external trainers to help manage the events from conception through to implementation. In addition, I handle a wide variety of enquiries about our e-learning platform and create web-based training courses on technical subjects or topics relevant to the law firm.

How are employees supported at FPS?
We view our employees as individuals so that we can give them the best possible support, taking into account their personal wishes and needs. That is why the firm always supports job-related further training, for example through attending external training events, in addition to the training offered internally.

What makes working in the Business Services & Solutions team special?
Our team is all about the diverse professions within it and the interdisciplinary cooperation that brings. We meet regularly for weekly get-togethers, retrospectives and team culture workshops to provide each other with the best possible mutual support and develop as a team. In that context, we particularly value helpfulness, open communication and a positive atmosphere, which means working together is always a lot of fun. 

What can new team members look forward to? 
Certainly a varied working environment, exciting projects and a diverse, open and friendly team. 

Why would you recommend FPS as an employer to applicants without a legal background?  
The firm offers an interesting and diverse working environment with quick decision-making, flat hierarchies and a wide range of opportunities for progression, even for people without a legal background. Personally, I find the crossover with legal topics particularly interesting and enjoy getting my head around them and learning something new.