Sarah Kuczewski
‘Working as a team is a lot of fun.’ 

An interview with Sarah Kuczewski, assistant

Sarah Kuczewski works as an assistant in corporate law. In this interview, she talks about her tasks and responsibilities and provides an insight into the culture of the firm.

Who I am
Sarah Kuczewski, foreign language correspondent 
I am also studying part-time for a bachelor’s in International Management at the moment. 

How long have you been with FPS and how did you join the firm? 
I have been working at FPS since July 2019. After finishing my training, I was looking for a new challenge and that’s how I came across FPS. 

What do you do at FPS? 
My tasks as an assistant are very diverse. They include file and document management, receivables management and general administrative work in the department – from scheduling to travel expense accounting. Only the deadline management is handled by legal assistants. 

What is your typical working day like? 
My work varies from day to day, depending on which tasks the lawyers pass on to me and what the upcoming projects and appointments are. Smaller tasks that crop up on a daily basis include dealing with post and resubmissions. 

What do you think makes FPS a good employer? 
Working as a team with my colleagues is a lot of fun. Things are never boring because the tasks are so varied. Also, the range of workshops and training courses offered makes me feel appreciated. 

How are employees supported at FPS? 
Through a wide range of internal and external training courses. The firm also helps individual members of staff gain additional qualifications and training certificates.
For example, I am currently taking part in the firm’s in-house ‘Legal Project Management’ workshop series, which has been specially developed by the firm for assistants. Participating in the workshops with my colleagues has been fun and helps with project processing. 

What do new staff members have to look forward to at FPS? 
In addition to a friendly and open team, of course, there are also the regular events. From support staff events to art breaks and the Advent ‘Hoffest’ celebration, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun with your colleagues. 

What is the atmosphere at FPS like? 
Open, professional and friendly. 

How do you relax away from work at the office? 
I like spending my free time with family and friends or reading, and I also really enjoy visiting new cafes and restaurants in Frankfurt. 

How would you describe working together with the lawyers at FPS? 
Appreciative and pleasant. 

What are you most proud of from your time at FPS? 
The support, individual encouragement and the feeling of being a valuable team member.