Marlene Elke Kühn

Lawyer / Senior Associate
Kurfürstendamm 220
10719 Berlin

Marlene Elke Kühn primarily advises and represents her clients in inheritance law cases. These include, in particular, estate processing for non-profit organisations, among others, the structuring of lifetime asset transfers, and succession planning.

  • Expertise
    • Corporate succession

      Succession planning is of crucial importance, especially for medium-sized and family-owned companies. FPS advises domestic and foreign clients on succession arrangements with interdisciplinary teams of lawyers and notaries specialising in corporate, inheritance and tax matters. We solve any such issues in close cooperation with the contact persons at the auditing firm and tax consultancy or other advisors working on behalf of our clients. Together, we devise tailored solutions for our clients when implementing risk prevention measures, drawing up succession arrangements (such as transfers during someone’s lifetime or testamentary arrangements in the event of death, contracts of inheritance, sales scenarios), optimising tax affairs upon succession and executing wills. In addition, we provide representation and mediation in connection with inheritance disputes.

    Language skills

    German English
  • Education
    since 2015Senior Associate at FPS 
    2000Admission to practise law in Germany 
     Second state law exam
     First state law exam
  • Publications
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    Marlene Elke Kühn
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